eBooks: printing and saving content

The library subscribes to a range of Dawsonera e-books.  Here is a short guide to how you access them and how you print/copy content from them.

1. Search for the book in the library catalogue.  Select to read it on-campus or off-campus depending on your location.  If you are off-campus, you will need to log in using your name, student number and library PIN.

Account 1


2. Read the Dawsonera terms and conditions.  Please pay particular attention to the section on Intellectual Property Rights if you plan to  print or copy content from the e-book.  Click on Accept to continue.

Account 2


3.  You can read a short description of the book here.  Click on Read Online to open the book.

Account 4


4.  You can access the Table of Contents from this point.  In order to print or copy content, you will need to create a Dawsonera account.

Account 5


5. You will be prompted to sign in / create an account when you click on the print or copy options.

Account 6


6.  To create an account enter your name and email address; you will also be asked to create a password.

Account 7

7.  On completion, you will see this screen:

Account 8


8.  Sign in using your username (email address) and password.

Account 9


9. In line with the terms and conditions, you will be informed of how many pages you are entitled to print / copy.

Account 10


If you have any questions about this (or need to get a library PIN), please contact us at: LibraryInfo@itb.ie

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