Accessing the Student Share Off-Campus

You can now access the Student Share from your mobile devices and from off-campus via the Remote Access Portal (RAP).  In order to access this service your device must be connected to the internet and must have a Google Chrome browser.


Please follow these steps:

1. Using your Google Chrome browser, go to

You will see the following log in screen:


2. Log in using your student number and network password (as you log in to an ITB PC).

3. Enter “Campus” as the Domain.

4. Click on Login.

You will see the following screen:



5.  Click on the “Student Share” folder.

It can take a few minutes to connect so please be patient.  You will see the following screen.


6. Select the folder you require.

7. Use the following icons to upload / download documents between your device and the Student Share.


  • The first icon allows you to paste content into a document.
  • The second icon allows you to upload a file from your device to the Student Share (if you are entitled to do so).
  • The third icon allows you to download a file from the Student Share to your device.

8.  Log out to finish.


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