Exemption Form

Registered students of TU Dublin – Blanchardstown who wish to apply for an exemption from one or more modules should apply using with this here.

Please return the completed form to the Registrar, TU Dublin – Blanchardstown, Blanchardstown Road North, Dublin 15, before the first Monday of week 3 of the semester in which exemptions are being requested.   You are advised to continue to attend classes while waiting to hear the results of this application,

Please note that decisions will be made on the basis of the material provided. Incomplete applications are unlikely to result in granting of exemptions.

Students are also advised to read documents “3AD06 Exemptions from modules based on prior certified or experiential learning”, and “3AD07 Policy document on prior experiential learning”, prior to submitting an application for exemptions. These are available on the DMS ( Document Management System) located on Student Intranet.

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