There are two printers in the library: Lib_Kopikat 2 and 3.


Lib_Kopikat 2 and 3 are black-and-white and colour printers; they are black-and-white photocopiers; and they are scanners.  They are located around the corner from the library desk on level 1.  If you wish to print in black-and-white, select the printer: Lib_Kopikat2 or Lib_Kopikat3.

If you wish to print in colour, select the printer: Lib_Colour_Kopikat2 or Lib_Colour_Kopikat3.  To collect a print-out or create a copy at Kopikat 2 or 3, you need to login; login using your student number and computer password.

kopikat 3

Printing in colour: View tutorial or View on Moodle

Click here for information on how to top up your print/photocopy credit.


You can also use mobile printing at Kopikat 2 and 3.  You can print via email or via the One Drive app.

If you are using mobile print please note that documents automatically print in colour unless the black-and-white option is selected on the printer.


When printing a file in a PDF format the PDF file must be downloaded and saved onto the PC and then sent to the printer.


(top image: “Once were e-journals” by Driek on Flickr)

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