Fines for overdue books

Library books are issued to students with a specific return date, or due date.  Most library books can be borrowed for 2 weeks; some selected resources can be borrowed for 1 week, 1 day, 2 hours etc.  When the book is issued to you we will stamp the due date on the label at the front.  The book should be returned on, or before, this date.  Books returned after the due date are considered to be overdue.

The library charges overdue fines when books are returned after the due date.  At present, the overdue fines are:

  • long loan: 40c per day we open
  • short loan: 70c per day we open
  • day loan: €1 per day we open

You can renew your library books if you wish to keep them after the due date.  Books can only be renewed if no other student has reserved them; this ensures that all students have access to the books in the library.  You can renew your library books in the following ways:

  • bring your student card to the library desk (we don’t need the books)
  • re-issue the books to yourself at the self-issue machine
  • renew your library books online
  • email the library
  • via private message on the library’s facebook page
  • telephone the library at 01 8851047


Library books can be renewed repeatedly provided that they are not overdue and have not been reserved.

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