Password Recovery

Your network password is used to log in to:

  • PCs and MACs
  • Moodle
  • your college email account
  • photocopiers / printers / scanners / wireless printers
  • your X-drive / off-campus student share

Network passwords expire every 75 days; there are a range of ways to reset your password:

(1) The best way is to enroll in the Password Recovery System.  You must be registered on the recovery system before your password expires.  You can enroll here.

Once registered for password recovery, in the event that your password expires or you forget your password, you can recover your password here.  Your new password will be texted to the phone you registered when you enrolled in the recovery system.  There is no charge for this service.

If you change mobile phone numbers, or wish to use self-service recovery abroad with a different handset or sim card,  then you must re-register at before trying to recover your password.  When registering an international number, please enter the full international dialing prefix.  This varies depending which country you are in. Further details on dialing internationally are available here.

(2) You do not need to wait 75 days to reset your password;  you can change it before it expires.  Login to an ITB PC and then press CTRL-ALT-DELETE.  You will be given the option to change your password.  You should always do this before mid-term/holidays etc.

(3) You can come to the Student Information Desk or Library Desk with your student card to change your password.

(4) If your password expires, and you cannot come to the campus, you can call the SMS Password Recovery service at 1518 415090.  Your phone provider will charge you €3 for this call.  You can read more here (middle section of the page).


For security reasons, passwords cannot be reset by phone call or in any other way.

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