Previous Exam Papers

On-campus access

Previous exam papers are located on the college intranet.  When you use ITB PCs, you can access the intranet without logging in.


Off-campus access

The intranet can now be accessed from off-campus via the ITB Portal.  Log in for access from off-campus or from your laptop, tablet etc.  To log in:

1. Go to: and log in using your student number and network password

Please enter your student number in the following format: campus\B00000000

*use a backslash rather than a forward-slash

exam papers 1


2. Double-click on ITB’s New Intranet (Sharepoint 2010)

exam papers 2

3. You now have access to the college intranet.

exam papers 3

4. To access the previous exam papers, click on ‘Previous Exam Papers’ link.

5. The exam papers are listed by course code.  Click on your course and browse by year.

exam papers 5

6. Within your course code the semesters are labelled 1 to 6 or 1 to 8. Year 1 is ‘Semester 1’ and ‘Semester 2’, Year 2 is ‘Semester 3’ and ‘Semester 4’, and so on.

Exam Papers 4


You will not be able to connect to the ITB Portal unless your PC has up-to-date anti-virus software (as you will be accessing ITB’s network).


(top image: “Relation scheme 86/366” by Blue Square Thing via Flickr)

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