Changing your Address


It is important that college registration records include a correct address for each student.  This address is used for official college correspondance, including sending exam results.

If you have moved house, since you registered, you may need to change your address.  If so, download this form, complete it and bring it to the Student Information Desk along with your student ID card.

Alternatively, email your new address to sid@itb.ie.  Please email us from your college email account.




Printing from your Office365 Student Email Account


View tutorial or follow these instructions:


Step 1: login to your ITB Student email account from www.outlook.com/student.itb.ie

Step 2: select New to compose a new email message.

1 acc


Step 3: address the email to mobileprint@itb.ie

No subject is required.  Click Attach from the menu

2 acc


Step 4: select a document from the OneDrive or Computer that you wish to attach

3 acc

From OneDrive

4 acc

Select Attach as a Copy option

5 acc


From Computer: browse to the file you would like to attach.

6 acc


Step 5: select Send

 7 acc

Step 6: release the Print Job.  Login to one of the 3 print devices located in the ITB Library and release the print job.

Please note:

Kopikat 1 and 2 are black-and-white printers.  All documents released here will be printed in black-and-white and charged at 6c per page.

Kopikat 3 is a colour printer.  All black-and-white documents released here will be printed in black-and-white and charged at 6c per page.  But if there is any colour in your document, the whole document will be printed in colour and charged at 18c per page.

At Kopikat 3, colour documents can be printed in black-and-white by selecting the Force B/W option before printing.  Such documents will be printed in black-and-white and charged at 6c per page.

4 ext




Fees and Grants

fees grants - 672x372

Detailed information on fees and grants can be found here for:

Payments can be made here: https://ssb.ancheim.ie/itb/app/twbkwbis.P_WWWLogin




ITB Campus Map

Map ITB 6

Block A (Aontas):
Teaching, Administration and  the National Learning Network

Block B (Buntús): The Learning and Innovation Centre (LINC) & LINCup Cafe

Block C (Croí): Multi-purpose building including restaurant, cafe, sports facilities, students’ union etc.

Block D (Doras): Teaching, Estates etc.

Block E (Eolas): Teaching building

Block F (Fios): Reception, Library, SID, Administration and Teaching

Block H: Horticulture teaching

Block S (Spraoi): Gym and sports pavillion

See more information here.




Student Email

email - 672x372

Each student has a college email account (http://www.outlook.com/student.itb.ie).  Students can log in to their student email account using their email address and network password.


Your email address is in the following format:

[student number]@student.itb.ie

e.g. B123456789@student.itb.ie


It is very important to check your student email regularly; your lecturers, administrative staff and library staff may communicate with you via this email account.